Why do you Need Cleaning for YOUR ROOF?

  • The Shingles look like they have stains on them.
  • The Tile is suppose to be terra cotta, not green.
  • The Roof has Bird Crap all over it.
  • The Gutters need to be cleaned.
  • Slime and Algae are taking over the Roof!
  • And most of the time, the roof is plain dirty.
IF SO...
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ULTRA Roof Cleaning Services for the Coachella Valley



Ultra Roof Water Pressure Cleaning Services.

Your house is important to you and it should be maintained at all times. This is particularly crucial for durability and the overall sustainability of your home. Even if you used high-quality materials to build your roof, it will be eventually become progressively worse without regular maintenance and repairs. Undertaking cleaning activities is a vital part of the maintenance.

Many homeowners in the Coachella Valley area do not rank roof cleaning as a top priority compared to other regularly scheduled improvements. However, roof pressure cleaning is one of the most imperative aspects when maintaining a clean home or business. Roof pressure washing is more important than what is believed. Without a proper roof, you will not be protected from external elements, consisting of mold, pests, and insects, which devalues the value of the Home.

Added note: Our Company does not use the Customer's water, electricity or allows our personnel to stand on the roof, for any reason. Our cleaning products are totally environmentally safe.

Roof Cleaning for the areas of Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Thousand Palms, Coachella, Bermuda Dunes, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Indio, Coachella Valley.


Planning on selling YOUR HOME?


Residential roof pressure cleaning services are useful for improving the value of your house, saving time and extending its lifespan. If you plan to sell your house, then you must put roof cleaning on your “to-do” list. This will make a huge difference and leave a great first impression; ultimately affecting the sale positively.



Clean Content Sections

Our Local pressure washing services experts have designed a method to reach challenging areas such as higher or a steep roof. A concentrated mixture is applied to the roof and allowed to be absorbed. After cleaning, we then wait for the roof to dry.

The machines we use to clean all roofs in the Coachella Valley utilize over about 3,000 to 4,000 psi water pressures through a water brush or specially designed unit. This guarantees the shingles a thorough rinse and protects it from any further future damage. It is a high-pressure machine and is specifically designed.

There are different types of roofs including Metal roof, Asphalt Shingle roof, Tile roof, and Concrete roofs. Furthermore, all of our experts are able to identify the difference between various roof materials and use appropriate pressure to clean the roof completely.

Additionally, an average garden water pipe has a pressure of approximately 50-75 psi which is not enough to make unattractive roofs stunning.


Selection of Soft or High Pressure System; It depends on the type of problem with the roof, and what is the type of material of the roof.

Roof Machine Scrubbing System; Certain types of our scrubbing roof devices depend on the surface material and design.

Certain types of Roof Machine Scrubbing Equipment can break certain types of tile, especially on the corners, so you must be careful when you choose your roof cleaning company;  Our company is licensed, bonded and insured.


Costs for Roof Cleaning

The price to clean your roof can vary depending on your roof material, roof type, zip code, and the amount of grime, grit, and algae present. Roof cleaning may seem like just one more chore but can actually prolong your roof life, saving you thousands of dollars down the road. Lichen, mold, moss and grime not only look shabby, they lead to moisture buildup which can cause roof damage.

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